Introducing NAFC

NAFC Currently needs players for our 2018 season. If your child is interested in playing in a more competitive environment and a local traveling team, NAFC is a perfect fit!

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Mission Statement

Possession with a Purpose

As a club, North Aurora FC aims to develop players and communities. The club’s style of play, Possession with a Purpose, fosters this goal on and off the field. Maintaining possession requires an immense amount of teamwork, communication, and leadership to effectively move as a unit on the field. As soccer is an ever-changing game, the purpose of each individual’s role shifts as well. It is the goal of the coaching staff to instill the knowledge and skills into the players so they are able to make deliberate decisions for any given situation.

NAFC’s purpose is to develop skilled players capable of using talents developed through soccer to find and achieve their own life goals and personal purpose. The professional coaching staff will provide instruction and guidance that promotes confidence and creativity so that every player has the opportunity to truly find their purpose.

To grow as a player and person, there must be goals to achieve. By implementing small, individual milestones that work towards the larger, team goal, players will be focused and determined to achieve a measurable objective. This will push players to challenge themselves as they adapt, strategize, and accomplish together what seemed insurmountable alone.


The coaching curriculum will be based on Technique, Technique, Tactics. This means that we will be focused on developing the fundamental skills and muscle memory to perform the necessary abilities as second nature. This will instill confidence allowing the tactical training to become more rigorous and complex.

This idea of Technique, Technique, Tactics also ties into personal development. Before becoming a strong pillar in the community, one must be given the opportunity to grow as a person and master their individual skills. NAFC uses soccer as that training ground for players to develop and improve positive character traits.

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NAFC Strives to help the young athletes improve their skill and also build character on and off the pitch. Not only will we be focusing on volunteering with local organizations, but also focus on the health benefits of staying active.

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Practices will be held at the open field near Crossway Chapel: 115 Oak St, North Aurora, IL 60542

Meet Our Coaches

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Nicholas Sander

Nicholas Sander has been coaching traveling soccer since 2010 and has worked with kids aged 8-15. He has his national license and has coached all over the world, including Morocco, Haiti, and Costa Rica. While playing for 4 years at North Central College in Naperville, IL he also acted as a student-athlete mentor for incoming students. He supports the French national team as well as the North London club, Arsenal. His coaching style revolves around empowering the athletes to play with the confidence to try new things and encouraging creativity on the field. He has volunteered locally and internationally and wants to use those experiences to create a strong connection between NAFC and the local community.

Stevon Phelps

I have played Soccer all throughout my life since the age of 7 and played throughout high school at Kaneland. I graduated from Colorado Technical University in Project Management. I have been active in the community by volunteering with Other soccer clubs in their recreational leagues to help gain more understanding with coaching youth teams. I have been coaching for 3 years and have received my National E license and currently working towards the next. I have 2 wonderful children that keep me active and another on the way! My favorite MLS team is the Chicago Fire, EPL would be Tottenham Hotspurs, and of course the US Men’s & Women’s National Team! On my free time you can find me with my family playing board games or if you are up at 5:30 am, you can catch me going for a run. I am extremely excited to help grow and help build the sport in North Aurora while teaching the importance of healthy nutrition for our young athletes.

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For more information on NAFC please give us a call at: 630-779-6827 or send us a message on Facebook